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Viacao Aerea RIo Grandense Airlines, shortened as VARIG Airlines, is a B razil commercial airline placed at Sao Paulo. It had been the best commercial airline providing air journey in South america for years, growing Sixties to mid-2000s. The commercial airline was sold in 2006 and is currently held by Gol Linhas Areas Inteligentes (parent company of Gol Transportes Areos). After its purchase, a new organization, by the name of VRG Linhas Aereas, was established to deal with the commercial airline. However, the commercial airline constantly work under the name of VARIG.It has a navy of 20 jets at the moment, such as Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 767-300ER.

History: VARIG Airlines was established on May 7, 1927, at the Porto Alegre Professional Connection conference, as the first B razil commercial airline. The commercial airline became efficient on 15 September 1927, when its first journey took off from Porto Alegre to Rio Grandes, stopping in Pelotas. Cruzeiro do Sul, one of the most ancient commercial airways of South america, joined absolutely into VARIG in Jan 1933. VARIG Air carriers travelled on the first worldwide path on 5th Aug 1942, to Montevideo.

Till then, the airline was operating at the local level, in Southern Brazil. It became the largest airline in South America, as it took over the Real Transportes Aereos consortium in 1961. VARIG Airlines started its transatlantic services in 1969, when the army govt in South america turn down Panair, the then banner service provider. In 1985, the airlines' head office were based at Rio de Janeiro. In 2006, judicial manager of VARIG's resources declared its market, following personal bankruptcy. VarigLog, the freight additional of the commercial airways, was sold to the Volo do Brasil range. VEM Servicing Technological innovation, VARIG's maintenance center, was purchased by a range presided by Colonial commercial airline TAP Italy. In Goal 2007, Gol basically purchased the broke continues to be of VARIG - VRG.

Destinations: Among the home locations protected by VARIG Air carriers are Brasilia, Manaus, Salvador, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo and The southeast part of Southern region the united states. The worldwide locations that it provides are Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile in Southern region America. Its solutions to Asia, European countries, U.S and many other overseas locations were finished.

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